Epithalamus (epithalamus, nabuhanie) - top division interstitial brain. Epithalamus is related to smell, and to vegetative functions. To epithalamus is leash (habenula), rear spike (commissura posterior) and the pineal gland (see). Brain's pineal gland connected the two cerebral plates between which lies the pineal pocket (recessus pinealis), and above nadcisnienie - recessus suprapinealis. From the top of the plate there is a leash bound to the nucleus leash (ganglion habenulare), laid in the back end of cerebral strips (stria medullaris), which here expands and forms a triangle leash (trigonum habenulae). The core of the leash small cell consists of internal and external both cores. Both leash form a spike (commissura habenularum). The bottom plate bended ago, enters Chetvorkata. In place of her bend pass the back of spike's brain. The core of the leash like a leash and medullary strip, is part of the olfactory system paths, efferent part of which is fasciculus retroflexus ending in Minikowo site (ganglion interpeduncular), located in the rear perforated space.