Erythema lamp

Erythema lamp (erythema uviol lamp, EUV) - mercury lamp low-pressure pipe of uviol glass length 436,5 or 834 mm, diameter 25 mm, bottom border transmission of ultraviolet rays) + (about 280 MMK.
The tube contains a drop of mercury and argon (see Mercury-quartz lamp). The inner surface of the tube (Fig.,1) coated with phosphor (halophosphate calcium and zinc activated by thallium), with emissions in the region λ=280-380 MMK (maximum at λ=313 MMK). When working erythema lamp current 0,26-0,34 a and voltage In 586 passes in a gaseous environment between the electrodes - tungsten spiral 2, covered with oxide paste, stirring glow of mercury vapor. Sequentially in the food chain lamp on the throttle 3 and starter 4, by which lit the lamp.
Produce erythema lamps with a capacity of 15 and 30 W with supply voltage of 127 and 220 Century, the Period of burning lamp 1000 hours. Erythema lamp can be used in irradiators separately or together with lighting lamps. Erythema the lamp is mostly only with the preventive purpose in the conditions under which the human body is not getting enough ultraviolet rays (in the Far North, while working in the underground premises), as well as in children's institutions, etc.,
Total exposure to start with 1/4-1/2, biodozy every other day or every day (see the Light).

Diagram of the device erythema lamp: 1 - the internal surface of the tube; 2 - tungsten spiral; 3 - throttle; 4 - starter.