Erythropoetin (from the Greek. erythros red and poieo - form, create) stimulants erythropoiesis, formed in the body in increased amounts of hypoxia and playing a major role in the development mechanism of compensating hypoxia of erythrocytosis. Eritropoietina are defined in the serum and plasma of blood and excreted in the urine. Under physiological conditions, the content eritropoetinov small; it is increased in the blood and stay in the atmosphere of reduced partial pressure of oxygen (for example, climbers). In clinical practice the content eritropoetinov increases in vitamin B12 deficiency, Hypo - and aplastic and hemolytic anemia, respiratory distress, sometimes when hypernephroma. With anemia in patients with kidney disease, eritropoietina are rare. On the chemical nature of erythropoetin, apparently, are glycoproteins. Place of education eritropoetinov unknown, but there is strong evidence of value in education eritropoetinov kidneys (yukstaglomerulyarnogo apparatus). The point of application eritropoetinov are young eritropoeticescoe elements of the bone marrow, the proliferation of which under the influence eritropoetinov increases.
Methods for determination eritropoetinov are research intensity of erythropoiesis with the introduction of the subjects of substrates animals or add them to the culture of the bone marrow in vitro.
Cm. also Blood.