Erythema radiation

Erythema radiation is redness of the skin following exposure. Occurs when ultraviolet irradiation (see Heliotherapy, light-Therapy), and also under the influence of ionizing radiation (see Radiation therapy, Radiotherapy). There are early and true radial erythema. Early radiation erythema, due to increased blood vessels of the skin and manifested a light redness may occur during the first days after exposure (see).
True erythema radiation occurs a few days after a single or series of repeated exposures. In its basis - inflammatory response, so it is accompanied by swelling of the skin, a sense of stinging and itching, pain. True erythema first bright, then takes purple or bluish tint. At relatively low doses of radiation erythema gradually disappears, and the place it remains more or less stable pigmentation.
Overdose exposure develop skin burns. Doses that cause radiation erythema, depend on many physical and biological factors, among them the leading importance type of radiation, the rhythm of irradiation, the size of the irradiated surface and radiosensitivity of skin and body (see Radiosensitivity).