Erythema is redness of the skin caused a reflex or inflammatory hyperemia. When the arterial blood erythema has a pink-red color, with venous it becomes cyanotic shade (congestive erythema). Unlike hemorrhage, erythema disappears from the pressure on her finger or glass. The lesions of erythema value of up to three-kopeck coins called roseola, erythema just skin - with erythroderma (see).
Common cause erythema are various chemicals, friction, pressure, heat, cold, ultraviolet rays, ionizing radiation, bacteria, pathogenic fungi, some plants. Erythema may be a manifestation of common infectious diseases (measles, scarlet fever, typhus, and other), poisoning, allergic reactions, blood circulation disorders, neurogenic and hormonal disorders, diseases of the blood system.
Erythema is usually solved in a few days or weeks after onset; in some cases it, suddenly appearing, disappearing "in the eyes" (erythema emotional or erythema shame) or, on the contrary, persists for many months (persistent erythema). Erythema may be accompanied by swelling, and permit her - peeling and skin pigmentation; on the background of erythema often develop the various elements of skin rashes (bubbles, bubbles, and other).
Symptomatic treatment: powder, agitated suspension ("mash"), lotions, creams, hydro-cortisone ointment, oksikort, prednizolonovuyu ointment, sinalar, lookeren.

Erythema (from the Greek. erythema - redness) - limited or diffuse redness. Erythema is active - blood, bright, with high local temperature and passive (cyanosis) - venous with a violet tint, local temperature is lowered. Causes of active erythema: physical impacts (mechanical, thermal, radiation), chemical, toxic (medical, autotoxicus), infection (birthmarks, erisipeloid and others), neurovascular factors (emotive erythema, erythromelalgia, painful erythros Bekhterev, children acrodynia and others).
Erythema annulare centrifugum Darier - unknown etiology polycyclic rash of different diameters with valikoobraznye edge, sometimes itchy and daily change their shape. Erythema chronicum migrans Afzelius - Lipschutz - viral disease that occurs after a tick bite. You receive a single spot with a diameter of up to 50 cm and more with slightly rising edge, usually on the skin of the feet; disease duration up to 1.5 years. Polymorphic, or exudative, erythema Gebrs (Erythema exsudativum multiforme Hebrae) - seasonal (spring, autumn) syndrome that occurs predominantly in young people. Possible causes: the focal infection, viruses. Histologically: swelling of the epidermis, sometimes with intra - or subepidermal cavities and areas of necrosis, edema of the dermis, the dilation of blood vessels, swelling of the endothelium, perivascular infiltration of polynuclear neutrophils with admixture of eosinophils, and later - of histiocytes.
When erythematous-papular the form of a rash initially slightly itchy. They are symmetrical, with a diameter of 1 cm, the boundaries of their clear, the centre is darker, peripherals bright red; the spots often merge, localized on the extensor surfaces distal extremities, and rarely on the neck, face, torso. Repeated outbreaks continue 4-5 days; the duration of the disease 2-5 weeks. When erythematous-vesico-bullous the form on the spots appear vesicles or blisters with a transparent or hemorrhagic content, in half of the cases on the mucous membranes of the mouth, nose, eyelids are erosion with greyish tinge on the ground quickly and bursting bubbles. The duration of the disease 4-8 weeks, frequent relapses.
The syndrome of Stevens-Johnson is a severe form of polymorphic erythema, accompanied by fever (temperature of 40 degrees), angina, gastrointestinal disorders, pain in muscles and joints, enlargement of the liver and spleen, albuminuria, leukocytosis, and eosinophilia. When vulgar hand, foot bubbles larger arise in apparently healthy skin, a symptom of St. Nicholas positive smears-prints - cantalamessa cells. Rashes with dermatitis during the grouped mainly on the trunk, painful, test with potassium iodide is often positive. Diagnosis bullous toksidermii help history and samples. The forecast is favorable.
Treatment of active eritem: elimination of focal infection, antibiotics, sulfanilamides, antihistaminic and desensitization funds, autohemotherapy, in severe cases, steroid hormones. Local indifferent paste. Mucous membranes grease a 1% solution metilenovogo blue 2% soda water. When conjunctivitis buried solution of penicillin. To prevent a recurrence of - the transfusion of blood, smallpox vaccination and long-term intake of vitamins B2, D2 and PP.
Passive erythema are generalized (General circulatory disorder, some of poisoning) and localized (paralysis of the extremities, osnaline, initial stages of frostbite, acrocyanosis, erythrocyanosis crurum puellaris, net livedo, livedo racemosa Ehrmann).