Eritrazma is a fungal disease of the skin. Usually ill adults, mostly men, contagiousness insignificant. In PAHO-femoral, mihalovich, perigenital and interdigital folds appear large brownish pockets of light peeling with sharp figured borders, inflammation and subjective feelings are absent. Scrapings find short thin thread of mycelium and small disputes. The prognosis is favorable.
Treatment eritrazma - daily alternately rubbing 5-10% sulfur, salicylic ointment 2% iodine alcohol solution, inside erythromycin. Recovery occurs at accurate long-term care. To prevent recurrence - periodic lubrication previously affected areas of skin 1-2% with camphor spirit.

Eritrazma (from the Greek. erythros - red) - epidermolysis caused by Microsporum minutissimum, s. Nocardia (Corynebacterium) minutissima. Some authors attributed the disease to superficial fungal infections, others to psevdonimom. Eritrazma malakanagiri, occurs more frequently in adult men, almost exclusively on the inner thighs, symmetrically in the areas adjacent to the scrotum. This is usually a limited focus to 10 cm in diameter, yellowish-brown or pink color with crisp, sometimes polycyclic contours and fine pityriasis flaking on the surface. Different from epidermophytia plicarum lack of vesicles. Close to main focus sometimes have a child, much smaller. More rare localization is in the armpits, in the folds under the Breasts, in the interdigital folds and very rarely on the scalp. The disease without treatment lasts indefinitely, prone to relapse.
The foci of eritrazma flyuorestsiruyut under fluorescent lamp with filter wood; red fluorescence is considered to be specific. Diagnosis reinforces detection gram thin bacillophobia, rarely branched fragments of fungus S-shaped form.
Treatment: the solution eosin, slightly prolonged tar, ointments with undecenoic acid. Inside erythromycin within two weeks. When expressed resistance use the methods of Demianovich (6% solution of hydrochloric acid and 60% solution of sodium thiosulfate consistently RUB in sections destruction within 10 days). It is recommended to apply affected skin iodine-salicylic spirit. Cm. Fungal diseases of the skin.