Arbitrations skin symmetric

Arbitrations skin symmetric is a chronic skin disease resulting from violations of vascular tonecaused neuroendocrine disorders. Observed in young women. On the lower legs, thighs, rarely forearms and hands, the skin becomes bluish-pink color and slight swelling. The affected areas delimited soft, cool to the touch. Sometimes bothers little itch. Arbitrations skin symmetric exacerbated in the cold and wet seasons. Treatment: tonic (drugs iron, arsenic, calcium, ascorbic acid, rutin, nicotinic acid), by prescription only hormone therapy (sinestrol, the follikulina), local - exposure RIP, massage. Prevention of exacerbations is to wear warm stockings and underwear, contraindicated work connected with long stay in the open air, and in a damp cold room.
Cm. also Acrocyanosis.

Arbitrations skin symmetric (gr. erythros red, kyanos - dark blue) - chronic skin disease in which the changes are localized on the limbs symmetrically. The color of the affected areas from bright red to dark red with a bluish tinge, sometimes there was a slight swelling. Touch the skin is cold, humidity is very high; some patients with mild itching. Eritrocita skin symmetric are mostly young women, often in autumn and spring. The disease contribute to the cooling of the long-term (wearing thin stockings) or acute (stomach), some chronic infection (tuberculosis), endocrine and cardiovascular disorders.
Histologically, the greatest changes are marked by blood vessels, their number in the dermis increased, part vessels unevenly dilated, some constricted. Around vessels are blurred expressed lymphocytic infiltration.
Treatment: endocrine drugs (follikulina, sinestrol), restorative means, vitamins a, C, f, E, group b, calcium preparations. Local massage, suberythermal doses UFO, diathermy, ointments with corticosteroids, 3-5% Ichthyol ointment.
Prevention - avoid hypothermia.