Erythroplasia - rare precancerous lesions of the mucous membranes mainly genitals. There is the older men at the head of the penis (on the inner leaf of the foreskin) and extremely rare in women (on the inner surface of the labia minora, clitoris, the vagina, cervix).
Erythroplasia characterized by the formation of one, less often two-three limited spots or slightly rising plaques of red color, which surface is dry or slightly erasilova, wet. The differential diagnosis spend with psoriasis, lichen planus, and erosive plasma-cell balanites. If you suspect erythroplasia the patient should be referred to a dermatologist or an oncologist.
Treatment: surgical excision, cryotherapy (see), diathermocoagulation (see).

Erythroplasia (from the Greek. erythros red and plasis - education; synonym Nude papillary velvety epitelioma) - rare precancerosis dermatosis; more often in men who previously suffered from syphilis.
The etiology is unknown. Histopathology: first disappears Horny and granular layer; strong giperkinez (up to 30 - 40 rows); meet dissertations cells that brings erythroplasia with Bowen's disease; may be metaplasia, as with Paget's disease. In the dermis - plasmodiophoraceae perivascular infiltrates. Later the picture Spino, rarely basal cell of epithelioma. Affects only the mucous and submucous membrane of genitals, rarely mouth, tongue, esophagus. Usually appears bright red or bluish-red spot (shiny, smooth, velvety, dry or wet surfaces, labelstocks consistency, sometimes itchy or slightly rising rounded plaque with a clear incorrect or krupnoplastinchatam edges diameter of a few centimetres. On the surface they are sometimes small erosion. The rash usually single; if 2-5, they always merge. Next may be leukoplakia or Kouros. For a very, very slow. Signs of transformation in epitelioma: seal Foundation, easy bleeding, ulceration, and regional adenopathy. To differentiate erythroplasia have psoriasis (psoriasis patches of dry, flaky), from the circle of the red flat denying (if it papules brownish-red, polygon), chronic eczema (rash peel, with bubbles, get wet), systemic lupus (spot peel end atrophy). To distinguish erythroplasia from syphilis papules help anamnesis, side effects, serological reactions. When recognizing also mean erosive and plasmocytomas balanopostita, diabetic, candidiasis, pagetool epithelioma. Forecast serious.
Treatment: the carbonic acid snow, diathermocoagulation, surgical removal. Recommended applications colchicine, General treatment estrogenic drugs.