Achara rare and severe complication that develops when getting oil mist in the gluteal artery during an intramuscular injection, mainly mercury use and biogenol. The clinical picture of achary: at the injection drug appears sharp pain, bluish-purple spots, swelling; possible deep necrosis followed ulceration and scarring. In severe cases, a sharp pain accompanied by rise of temperature up to 39-40° with possible shock reaction. In some cases, developing paralysis of foot: from muscle atrophy of the Shin. The process lasts from 3 weeks to 3 months.
Treatment Ashari. Strict bed rest, compresses with 5% water solution of Ichthyol, paraffin baths; inside appoint analgin, with strong pain - drugs.
Prevention. Mandatory control strictly intramuscular injection of drugs that cause Asaru; to this end whenever the introduction of a needle into the muscle to check whether there will be in the syringe blood; avoid repeated injections in place infiltrates, which appeared from the previous injection.