Estimen (Franz. esthiomene; from the Greek. esthiomenos - corroded; synonym ulcus rodens hemangioma) - chronic ulcerative lesions of the vulva.
Characterized by long progressing consolidation, ulceration and Rubtsove changes in the vagina (in the lower third) and external genital organs, resulting in the development of elephantiasis of the clitoris, small and large labia. Estimen usually occurs within a few years after the beginning of the underlying disease that develops slowly and in some cases combined with damage to the rectum and perineum, forming a so-called genitourinary syndrome. Rectal lesion begins with inflammatory changes of the mucous membrane of the rectum in the form of purulent-serous discharge, easy bleeding, leading gradually to the tissue fibrosis, progressive circle narrowing of the rectum, increasing intestinal obstruction, education perirectal abscesses, fistulas and papillomatos-verrucosum growths.
The reason for the development of estimen - lymphostasis and diffuse inflammatory process, resulting from persistent violations lymph circulation in the small pelvis because of lymph nodes and development of Cicatrical changes. Histopathological marked the growth of connective tissue, the expansion of blood and lymphatic vessels, bleeding, brain, perivascular infiltration of lymphocytes and plasma cells. From malignant neoplasms (cancer of the vagina) estimen different histological pattern and the tendency to self-healing. In unclear cases produce cutaneous reaction to the antigen Frei. Treatment of estimen - antibiotics (local), the cleansing of the surface of cancer.