Stages of development of sanatorium-and-Spa care for children in the USSR

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The victory of the Great October revolution was the start of creating a new public health system. The Soviet government from the first days of its existence, addressing key policy challenges, created a wide preconditions for radical improvement of the country's population.
on November 14, 1917 Century I. Lenin signed a Decree on free transfer of health insurance funds medical institutions of enterprises". The decree was then the Soviet medicine policy document, for it listed the principles of organization of medical aid, its system under the dictatorship of the working class.
One of the main tasks of the Soviet health at that time was to provide the population with free, qualified and public curative care. C. I. Lenin with his usual extraordinary sensitivity treated everything that concerned the health of children. Therefore, the protection of motherhood and childhood have never gone out of sight of the great leader. At all stages of development of the Soviet state party and the government paid special attention to the protection of maternal and child health. 9 March 1920 by the decree of the government of all the matter of protection of motherhood and infancy was transferred to the people's Commissariat of health of the RSFSR. This resolution stressed the importance of respecting the unity of Soviet medicine.
In the General system of public health since the first years of Soviet power stands out as an integral and important part of sanatorium-resort assistance to the population. The beginning of the development of Spa care in our country was founded first by the Lenin's decrees. So, on 4 April 1919 Century I. Lenin signed a decree On the therapeutic areas of national significance".
Of great importance for the development of Spa care in the country has also published on December 21, 1920, at the initiative of the Century I. Lenin's Decree of Council of people's Commissars about using Crimea for treatment of workers".
In those years, the country has been a lot of work on restoration and putting in order resorts, Spa Fund, health institutions, on the Caucasian Mineral Waters, in Sochi - Matsesta, resorts of the Crimea, in Staraya Russa, Odessa, Slavyansk, Borjomi and other
On scientific principles began to rebuild the organization of sanatorium treatment. Created a network of research institutes of balneology: Odessa balneological Institute, Yalta Institute of climate science and climatotherapy, Tomsk physio-famous balneological Institute. In 1926 established in Moscow Central Institute of balneology on the basis of the Spa clinic. Since 1923, was published a magazine, "Spa business."
Sanatorium-resort treatment, put at the service of the people, was an integral part of his life, became an integral part of the state health organization in the USSR.
After the great October socialist revolution sanatorium-resort assistance to children has been widely developed. In pre-revolutionary Russia there was only a few children's sanatoriums. They were all organized and held solely by the public initiative and private charity. The necessity of creation of children's health resorts already justified the most prominent Russian and foreign scientists (K. A. Rauchfus, N. A. Velyaminov, N. A. Bobrov, P. Eng-sel, S. Evald, S. Haekerlin).
The first children's sanatorium in Russia was opened on the initiative of K. A. in St Petersburg in 1872 in Oranienbaum (now, Lomonosov (Leningrad region) for TB patients. On his initiative was established in 1883, children's TB sanatorium in Gatchina. It was later organized several children's health resorts: Vindava N. A. Velyaminov in 1900, in Alupka A. A. Bobrov in 1902, and in Sestroretsk and Gelendzhik. Operated in those years, and children's summer resorts in Zheleznovodsk, Hadzhibeevskiy Estuary, on the Riga coast.
All children's sanatorium had only 20-30 beds, accomplishment of most of them was very primitive, the maintenance of children - more than modest. Operated several expensive private children's health resorts, intended only for children of the propertied classes.