Ethics patient

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 Who asks the questions that 
 gets the answers. But he must 
 to set reasonable questions. 
 U. Ramsay

The famous Syrian writer and physician Abul-Faraj, who lived in the XIII century, wrote that in ancient times the doctor, turning to the patient, said three of us - you, the sickness and I. If you're going to illness, you will be two, I will be one you've overcome. If you'll be with me, we will have two, the disease will remain one - we will overcome.
Do patients with your doctor, do they always help him? What is the attitude of the patients to us?
However, it is not far-fetched if this question? It is well known what the gratitude of the people and respect surrounded by physicians.
I would like in this connection to quote the words of Marshal C. I. Chuikov. "The heroism of the United ..., their legendary exploits you can tell without getting tired. In my mind they etched forever is a remarkable case of doctors, medical assistants, nurses, who fought with us shoulder to shoulder..."
Another statement - Marshal of the Soviet Union K. K. Rokossovsky: "Truly our doctors were workers and heroes... Low bow to them for their kindness and care!"
But the experience related by P. Baliny.
On the front road raced "jeep", which was the chief surgeon of one of the armies. The wheel of a car wagged could happen accident. Back someone persistently honked, but the driver drove, noticed nothing. Suddenly "jeep" was overtaken by another car and slammed on the brakes. From it came Marshal C. I. Chuikov.
"You know, who are carrying? Tell me, do you know?
The driver turned pale, jumped down from his seat, saluted:
"Just so you know. Chief surgeon of the army, guard Colonel of the medical service, Professor Kolomiychenko.
- Your life will not pay off! cried Century I. Chuikov. - To take him should carefully! The surgeon is the first one soldier!
The first one...
In the years of the great Patriotic war 115 thousand medical workers were awarded military decorations.
In peacetime, the workers of medicine also work selflessly fighting with misery, sickness, sorrow. One of the most important fronts of the great Patriotic war was 1.5 million soldiers and officers. Currently, the country is treated during the day on average 6 million people.
Most people are well aware of the value of medical work.
But, unfortunately, just as among us come across people, unworthy of a white overall, there are patients whose behaviour interfere with the doctor in his activity for the benefit of people.
... As is known, in medical institutions opened the book of complaints and suggestions. Looking at one of Tallinn hospitals such a book, I noticed an unusual thanks to: five patients thank the chamber... wrote sixth. Here is an excerpt from this entry: "We are sick of the 8th chamber, felt relieved after discharge K. ... it was Hard to be present at the insults, which she was subjected medical staff. Marvel at the patience of the doctors and nurses, who managed to keep the peace..."
Who was she K.? She is 28 years old, speciality - agronomist. It is, indeed, a sick person, but her condition did not require hospital treatment. Understood that the doctors realized that, and K. At the same time for some personal reasons, the patient sought to prolong hospital stay. To do this, and started to turn complaint.