Spurge okislennosti

spurge okislennostiMilkweed okislennosti - Euphorbia marginata L.
Family Euphorbiaceae - Euphorbiaceae Juss.
High grassy plant up to 1 m Stem pubescent. Leaves oval, to budding green, in the period of flowering stalks along the edges of the leaves appear white edges.
Propagated by seed in April. Grows well in open places. Drought - and heat-resistant plant.
It flowers from July until October. The vegetation period 190-195 days. Very decorative.
Latex, which is in the roots, stems, leaves, and even on flowers of some species are poisonous. Named in honor of a court physician Numidian king Yuba - Forba, who first used the curative properties of the Euphorbiaceae. In our time from plants of this genus are preparing various medications.