Exarticulation is an operation detachment of a limb or part of a line of the joint space without filing bones. Exarticulation is a type of amputation (see), is made under strict conditions, because after it stump is often inconvenient for prosthetics.

Exarticulation (exarticulatio; from lat. ex - out, and articulus - joint, the joint), a casting - the delete operation peripheral limb on the line of the joint space. The main stages: 1) dissection of soft tissues; 2) cut the capsule and ligaments of the knee joint; 3) toilet wounds.
Cut the skin flap and toilet wounds, including ligation of vessels, processing all nerves and stitching soft tissues, carry out the same way as with amputation. The cartilage that covers the joint surface, usually not removed, as Nude bone easier exposed to infection. The best way of preventing the limit navrom is the intersection of nerves by electrocautery after anesthesia novocaine with the subsequent freeze-chloroethyl. During slice the stitches stitching muscle optional own fascia sew without other tissues, and in the corners of the wounds in 24-48 hours. enter rubber drainage. Limb in a functionally advantageous position fix the plaster cast.