Ekzoplanety is a measure of the degree of pistoane eyeball. Is performed with the help of the device - ekzoplanety of Gertes (Fig.), which puts the outer edges of the walls of the sockets. On the scale of the instrument determines pistoane each eyeball in millimeters; the difference in vastanie one and the other eye is observed in various diseases of the eye socket. Cm. also Exophthalmos.

Ekzoplanet Of Gertes

Ekzoplanety (from the Greek. exophthalmos - eyed and metreo " measure") - measurement (using a special device - ekzoplanety) the degree of pistoane eyeball with tumors of the eye, thyrotoxicosis, malignant exophthalmos, etc. the Most widely mirrored ekzoplanet (Fig.), the proposed Getelem (F. Hertel), consisting of two quadrangles, mounted on the carrier; the right of them moving horizontally, left - stationary. Each rectangle has two intersecting mirror plate and set at an angle 45 to the optic axis of the eye, and millimeter scale. In verkhnegnutov corner of each rectangle, there is a small semicircular groove is used for locking device at the outer edge of the wall socket.
Ekzoplanete produce in the light room. Studied sitting against the light and looks before him; researcher pushes boxes so that they could be put in charge of the slots to the outer edges of the walls of the sockets. On the lower mirror each rectangle is reflected top of the cornea, and the top - millimeter ruler, on which you can count the distance from the top of the cornea to the edge of the eye socket. According to the difference of pistoane corneal both eyes determine the degree of exophthalmos in millimeters.