Examination of multiple gunshot wounds

Examination of multiple gunshot wounds is complex and involves a number of issues, such as:
a) simultaneously arose whether multiple gunshot wounds or were several shots are fired;
b) if it was made a few shots, then what is their distance and consistency;
b) which of the fire damage caused death;
g) definition of the type of weapon.
You should specify that the calculation of the input and output of gunshot wounds in itself does not give more grounds for the conclusion about the work of several shots. The bullet might injure in cross wounding several parts of the body (for example, the right shoulder to the chest, left forearm), creating multiple input and multiple output gunshot wounds.
When multiple gunshot injuries input gunshot wounds may be greater than the output, because some injuries are blind. When shots from automatic weapons queue at a distance of up to 150 cm may form one input gunshot wound, but somewhat larger than usual. The output of the RAS in this case, it happens due to several changes in the trajectory of bullets. The output of the RAS is greater than the input, and in cases of shotgun fire damage when fired from a distance of 1 M. In these cases, the input wound is formed compact flying charge, and output - separate druzyami after their dispersion in the body. During the deformation and rupture of a bullet in the body into several parts, as well as for injuries resulting fragments of bone formation is possible several output RAS.
Multiple gunshot injuries occur simultaneously as when fired the shot from a gun, and the explosion of the grenades, bombs, ammunition, fired from a rifle when the bullet from the previous shot stuck in the trunk (atypical or broken arms or old ammunition), and with the burst of fire from automatic weapons. If the injuries were inflicted by more or less large periods of time, then you can determine what damage occurred earlier or later, on the study of the nature of the inflammatory response histological methods.
Determine the distance of a shot for each gunshot wounds greatly helps assess the individual details of the incident. In the presence of deposits of components, accompanying shot around the input gunshot holes or wounds, distance accurately, you can define up to 3-5 m In forensic practice to determine the distance of the shot is often used method of experimental shooting from the same instance of weapons and ammunition of the same parties that were used at the time of the incident.
The sequencing of occurrence input gunshot wounds can be based on identifying the belt rubbing the traces of grease gun. At the first shot of carefully cleaned and lubricated the barrel grease well is determined on the edge of the first sores. Subsequent injuries it sharply decreases and absent. It should be borne in mind that when shooting greased ammunition (bullets) grease is found in each input wounds fairly evenly. Zakapyvanii trunk when shooting leads to the fact that the band wiping at first wound less pronounced than in the subsequent.
Multiple similar injured (as a rule, the blind) are quite typical of a shot from a shotgun shot at a distance of more than 3-5 m Wound channels are usually blind and contain the same type of lead projectiles (fraction).
Detection of bullets in a blind wound tract still does not give the right for a definitive judgment on the type and kind of weapons, since unified cartridge can be used for firing a weapon multiple systems. Possible equipment, weapons, ammunition another system similar caliber.