Examination of temporary disability

Examination of temporary disability - definition, temporary loss of ability to work due to illness, accident or other reasons (see Disability). Sick leave (see) are issued doctors of polyclinics, clinics, dispensaries, hospitals and health units. In areas where there are no doctors, and also on floating vessels of this right may be granted to the medical assistant, the head of the clinic.
Temporary disability examination in health care institutions is performed by the medical consultation Commission (CWC). The Chairman is the Deputy chief doctor for examination, which carries out control over the quality of the latter. The composition of CWCs also includes attending physician and head of the Department. Main tasks of the CWC: the advising doctor on issues of diagnostics, treatment and employment of the patient; the solution of complicated and disputed issues of examination of temporary disability; granting leave for sanatorium treatment; the continuation of sick leave; determination of the recommendations to facilitate or changes in working conditions or transfer of patients to another job corresponding to their status of disability; a direction of patients for medical labor expert Commission (VTEC).

Examination of temporary disability is the definition of temporary disability due to illness or injury. In medical institutions are established by the medical Advisory Commission (VCC) for examination of temporary disability. These VPC aim to increase the quality of medical services. In large hospitals has been the Deputy chief physician for temporary disability examination, he was appointed Chairman of the CWC. The composition of CWCs as permanent members includes heads of departments and their doctors (General practitioner, surgeon, neuropathologist and other specialists). In cases of necessity the treating doctor gives the patient sick leave (see) - the sick list. When there is a necessity for the extension of sick leave, the doctor is sick for a consultation head of unit and is with him a plan of further treatment of the patient, his employment and directions on VPC, which meets in the composition of the Deputy chief physician for examination to the head. Department and doctor. Patients considered for VPC, must be thoroughly examined (provides for all the necessary consultations and laboratory and diagnostic tests, and others); the records must be written instructions. Members of the WCC are examining the patient, get acquainted in detail with the history of the disease, conditions of work and life of the patient, and then make a decision that is recorded in history and in the book of the conclusions of the CWC.
The tasks of the CWC is to issue a continuation of sick-lists; to solve the issues of referral to medical and social examination; to disassemble conflict cases; to make holiday in a sanatorium-and-Spa treatment; give an opinion on employment and transfer of persons, the long-term and often ill, on the other, shows their work; to control the activities of doctors and provide the consultative assistance during temporary disability examination.