Military-medical examination

Military-medical examination is carried out with the purpose of definition of disability in the conditions of military service and solution of problems of medical selection of conscripts, military service and military personnel for manning the Armed Forces contingents, fit for military service for health reasons. The main body of the military-medical expertise is the military-medical Commission (IHC), consisting of at least three doctors. Examination of conscripts conduct medical specialists (therapist, surgeon, neuropathologist, oculist, otolaryngologist, dentist and others). Management and control over the work of various IHC (hospitals, garrisons, military and other) carry out IHC districts (fleets) certain types of the Armed Forces, and in the whole country - Central military-medical Commission, which is the highest body of the military-medical examination.
IHC conduct a medical examination of military personnel and conscripts to determine the validity of their service in various troops, training in military educational institutions, needs special treatment, release from service or sick leave.
IHC are also issues of establishing the causal link various injuries and diseases with their military service or serving on the front of the soldiers recognized as unfit for military service or partially fit (fit for nestroevoy service, unfit for service in the individual branches of the armed forces and people in need on vacation. The results of the examination are recorded in the minutes of the IHC, and servicemen recognized as unfit for military service and limited applies, moreover, is a testimony of the disease, indicating the data of examination and decisions of IHC. These questions the military-medical examination, as short-term release from service, employment and works, the admission to some of the work, activities and sports competitions, IHC, etc. can be solved by a single doctor or average health worker. During the medical examination of a soldier doctor or average health worker is in IHC data about the circumstances in which there is an illness or injury. This helps IHC properly solve the issue of causation of the disease (trauma), which is of great importance in determining the size of pensions and various benefits in case of the surveyed after dismissal from the Armed Forces will be recognized as VTEC disabled (see Disability, military personnel).

Military-medical expertise solves two main goals: 1) proper medical screening of recruits to staff of the Armed Forces from among the citizens, health and physical development fit for military service, and 2) the preservation of military service full health personnel of military units.
For the decision of tasks of the military-medical examination are developed medical requirements to the state of health drafted for military service and military personnel; be indicated to the most appropriate distribution of conscripts and servicemen in military units and military specialties in accordance with their state of health; developing a methodology medical examination; the examination to determine suitability for military service and for the monitoring of the treatment process at the military medical institutions.
Medical examination call to military service is held in recruiting commissions at city and district military Commissariat doctors of civilian medical institutions with sufficient experience in the work on military-medical examination. Examination of the servicemen held in the garrison hospital and the military-medical commissions (IHC) military doctors.
The degree of validity to military service is installed IHC on the basis of requirements of the current order of the Minister of defence of the USSR "On medical examination in the Military."
As a result of the examination of the IHC make a decision. Relatively enlisted apply the following wording: (a) unfit for military service, b) fit for nestroevoy service, C) to provide sick leave, g) not fit in time of peace, fit for nestroevoy service in time of war, d) not fit for military service with the exclusion from the register. The suitability of officers and General staff is defined thus: a) fit for military service, (b) are fit for service out building in peacetime, partially good first degree in a time of war, (C) give sick leave, g) not fit for military service in peaceful time, limited fit the second degree in time of war, d) not fit for military service with the exclusion from the register.
Regarding the recognized health limited is fit or unfit for military service IHC simultaneously establishes, whether their illness (wound) with passage of military service in time of war - to the stay at the front).
IHC garrisons and hospitals on military-medical examination subordinated to district IHC (OWC) military districts.
With manning the Armed Forces of the new OWC controls therapeutic measures among youth in civil hospitals, doctors during the medical examination of conscripts in recruiting commissions, medical diagnostic work in military-medical institutions and medical-preventive work in the army. Along with the control is carried out and organizational-methodical help.
The highest expert body is the Central IHC of the Ministry of defence, which is responsible for: the organization of military-medical examination, the General management of all IHC, development of regulations and guidelines on military-medical examination and resolution of all disputes.