Forensic medical examination when self harm and induced painful conditions

Citizens of our great Motherland enjoy more rights, proclaimed and guaranteed by the Constitution of the USSR and the Soviet laws. But the exercise of rights and freedoms is inseparable from the performance of citizens of the USSR obligations before the people and the state.
St. 40 the USSR Constitution establishes that all Soviet citizens have the right to work, i.e. to receive guaranteed work with pay in accordance with its quantity and quality. However, the Constitution of the USSR (article 60) requires all able-bodied citizens to work honestly and conscientiously, strictly observing work discipline.
One of the most important responsibilities of Soviet citizens, their sacred duty is to defend the Socialist Fatherland (articles 62, 63 of the Constitution of the USSR).
Evasion of duties of military service is the gravest crime and severely punished our laws.
From the content of articles of the criminal code (articles 80 and 249) that evasion of call-up to the Soviet Army and to discharge of duties of military service can be manifested in the form of action (causing yourself any damage - mutilation), simulation and aggravate disease, forgery of documents or omission (failure to appear for duty, refusing to perform military service). In our Soviet reality these crimes are very rare.
The need for a forensic medical examination of self harm and induced painful condition occurs when there is an indication of the crimes connected with evasion from execution of duties stipulated by the law (for example, military service, or for any other improper purpose (simulation of an attack with complicity in the crime, evasion from labor service, and others).