Medical examination

The medical examination in the USSR - the examinations of persons and examination of different objects by physicians with special training and experience in a particular field of medicine. There are temporary disability examination, medical and social disability examination, the military-medical, forensic, forensic psychiatric and other

Expertise (Franz. expertise, from lat. expertus - experienced) - a review of study of something, the resolution of any matter sveduûŝego people with special knowledge.
Expertise is medical, technical, legal, accounting and other
Examination medical - examination of persons in the study of various objects and giving opinions doctors with special training in a particular section of medicine. In accordance with this medical examination produces: 1) determination of the temporary disablement (temporary disability examination); 2) identification of capacity for work or permanent disability (medical labor expertise); 3) establishment of fitness for military service (military-medical examination); 4) control over the sanitary-epidemiological condition of the external environment, improvement of working conditions of life of the population and realization of measures on prophylaxis of diseases (sanitary inspection); 5) giving opinions on possibility of participation in physical education classes, sports competitions, excursions and other (medical-sports-examination); 6) the expert determination on the proposal of the investigative and judicial authorities (forensic medical and forensic psychiatric examination).