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Inspection of meat burnt animals

Fig. 6. Bleeding under the costal pleura along the intercostal blood vessels.

Fig. 7. Hemorrhage in the course of coronary vessels.

Fig. 8. Liver sharply increased, with rounded edges, under the capsule point bleeding.

Fig. 9. Bleeding in the intestine.

During slaughter in 6 days or more, with extensive burns, an area of more than 10% of body surface, some of considerable size swelling of soft tissue on the burn and in adjacent areas, especially in the area of dewlap. Under the skin in the area of the burn marked point bleeding. In the area of the burn subcutaneous muscles are flabby, color cooked meat. Regional lymph nodes are enlarged, swollen, bumpy.
In the thoracic and abdominal cavities accumulation of serous fluid. Under the costal pleura along the intercostal vessels - point, spotted or striped hemorrhage (Fig. 6).
In the heart bag - fluid accumulation. The heart is enlarged, muscle loose. On the endocardium, myocardium and in the course of coronary vessels have different size and shape hemorrhage (Fig. 7).
Light increased, full-bodied, with hemorrhages under the serous membrane. At level two visible phenomena edema (accumulation of fine bubble liquid in the bronchioles). In submucosal trachea small point bleeding.
Liver sharply increased, soft, brittle, has clay color, nutmeg figure. Under the serous membrane of various sizes hemorrhage. In the context of the parenchyma everted (Fig. 8).
Spleen, soft, rough, dark-cherry colour. Scraping insignificant.
Kidney - hemorrhages under the capsule, areas of heart attacks, the boundaries of cerebral cortical layers flattened, on the section marked swelling.
The mucosa of the stomach swollen and is dotted, striped and spotted hemorrhage. The mucosa of the gut also swollen, on the serosa and in the submucosal layer of point and spotted hemorrhage (Fig. 9).
The bladder, usually full of bloody urine color, mucous his swollen dramatically and has different values hemorrhage.