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Inspection of meat burnt animals

When the slaughter of animals with large areas burn in 10-15 days, there is the phenomenon of pleurisy, peritonitis, pneumonia and other complications.
The slaughter of animals with small squares burn (5% of body surface), there are only local changes of the skin and subcutaneous tissue.
Some scholars were interested not only macroscopic pathological changes in the internal organs burnt animals, and microscopic. Thus, M. A. Fain in his work "on the morphological changes of the skin and internal organs with burns of various ago indicates that microscopic examination of internal organs were found the following changes. In the brain it was noted granular dystrophy some ganglioznykh cells. Cores part Gan-glinskih cells were in a state of lysis and picno for. In some cases, it was noted phenomenon of caryocytolysis, occasionally met cell-shadows. Sometimes it could be stated hidrotechnika changes ganglioznykh cells in the form perinuclear edema and vacuolization of protoplasm. Often observed Tigris and swelling of the nucleolus. In most cases occurred proliferation glia. Almost as a rule, it was noted hyperemia of the brain, and sometimes small hemorrhages in advanced perivascular space. In almost all cases, there was a sharp swelling of the brain, expansion pericellular and perivascular spaces.
In the heart muscle in many cases was noted granular dystrophy. Almost as a rule, part of the nuclei of muscle fibres were in a state of lysis, and some - in a state of pignose. In some cases, there has been a fragmentation of muscle fibers. Often connective tissue layer between the muscle fibers were loosened, swollen. Took place focal infiltration stromal cell elements lymphoid type, blood to the heart muscle, and sometimes minor bleeding.
In light focal emphysema, hyperemia and small hemorrhages. In the spaces of the alveoli - blood. In some cases, in millionarmy partitions contained hemosiderin, sometimes phagocytosis his alveolar cells of the epithelium.
In almost all cases occurred accumulation edema fluid in the alveoli, and sometimes swelling in millionarmy walls surrounding the bronchi and small clusters of cellular elements lymphoid type.
In the liver was discopickle liver cells. Often noted grainy and fatty degeneration of cells. Part of the nuclei in a state of lysis and pignose. Very often marked hepatic necrosis of individual cells. Almost always in Porto-billiard triangles, and sometimes near the bile ducts and Central veins could be seen clusters of cellular elements lymphoid type. Occasionally been expanded space-Diss. It was noted plethora liver.
Kidney - signs serous glomerulonephritis. In many cases was expressed protein and fatty degeneration of renal epithelial cells. Part of the nuclei of the cells of the renal tubules were lysis and Pinoso. Often there was a picture of necrotic principally, occasionally - loosening and stromal edema, and extensive infiltrates in her composed of cells limfoidna type. Hyperemia and bleeding in the stroma of the kidneys.
In the spleen - hyperplasia lymph follicles, and sometimes atrophy them. Sharp plethora, hemorrhage and hyperplasia of the red pulp and minor gemosideros.
In the gastrointestinal tract - sharp redness and minor bleeding in the mucous membrane. Occasionally minor kataralnoe inflammation of mucous membranes stomach and small intestine.