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Inspection of meat burnt animals

The author comes to the conclusion that the morphological changes found in the study of brain and internal organs burnt animals, are manifestations of a generalized dystrophic processes developing due to strong irritation of a large number of receptor devices skin. In our opinion, this conclusion the author could not agree more.
These are microscopic and macroscopic the anatomic changes in the area of the burn and internal organs, which may meet veterinary specialist, producing a post-mortem veterinary examination of carcasses and burnt bodies of animals.
As soon clinical practice and experimental data it was established that in the burnt body is "fire" of the currency and the animal daily loses in live weight (we had cases when young cattle every day lost in live weight of 3 kg and more), naturally, researchers can not interested in the question: what is the process of ripening of the meat burnt animals in comparison with the ripening of the meat healthy - control animals under equal conditions of storage? To clarify this question we candidate of veterinary Sciences A. M. Sofronov, paid considerable attention in his experimental work. We have carried out tests on different kinds of animals with different or almost equal to the burn area and killed in different terms after burn. From each animal after slaughter through different time took samples of meat from the same muscle groups and determine the pH value. In the quality control of meat served healthy control of this animal.
For clarity, give table 7.

Listed in the table and numerous experimental data clearly show that decisive in depth and the ripening of the meat burnt animals compared with healthy meat - control animals, under other equal conditions of storage, is the time of slaughter from the moment of receiving them burn. In fact, calves 2 and 3 received almost the same area of defeat burns (respectively 55 and 51 % of the total surface of the skin), but the calf № 3, killed 2 days. after receipt of a burn, the ripening of the meat was a natural and almost completely corresponded to the ripening of the meat healthy control calf, while the ripening of the meat of a calf, № 2, killed after 7 days. after receiving the injury was "abnormal", i.e. its meat is almost ripe. In such a sour meat products has accumulated much less, than in healthy meat or burnt, but quickly slaughtered animal. This is confirmed and burnt meat pigs.
This phenomenon, from our point of view, can be explained by the fact that burnt animal and killed at a later date, due to the increased energy metabolism and enhance oxidative processes in tissues large part of the reserves of glycogen in the liver and muscles to the point of slaughter is exhausted, and it is not enough to ensure that the process of ripening of the meat.
About strengthening these processes in pathological condition of the body there are also indications in the literature (C. S. London, I. A. Loncki).