The technique of estimation of factors of health and longevity

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The analysis of the survey results on the planned scheme was applied various methods of mathematical statistics: multiple correlation, correlation relations, Chi-square and other complexity of the program and a significant amount of materials required processing on computers 1.
At the first stage to conduct multiple correlation analysis 2 based on the assumption that there is a linear relationship selected 21 the indicator characterizing the health of the long-lived and studied social and biological parameters: General health status, health, mobility, participation in housework, interest in life, the ability to self-service, the type of settlement in the past, the nature of work in the past, family status, belonging to a social group, age of termination of employment, nutritional assessment, the presence of harmful habits (Smoking, alcohol), number of children, age at birth of the last child serial number of birth in the family, age of maturity sexual potency, age cessation of menstruation, the age of first signs of aging, illness, number of surviving teeth.
All indicators were encrypted in points - from 0 to 7 (from bad to good), and considered only those characteristics that are using the testing of evaluations can be sorted according to this principle. The choice of evaluations carried out so that the difference between adjacent gradations of an indicator, expressed in points, was proportional to the strength of the impact of this measure on the formation of the appropriate levels of health. To comply with these requirements also apply the method of expert estimates. As a criterion of the linearity of the model used, the degree of coincidence of squares of the coefficients full correlation, and the correlations obtained at the control sample.
A program written for solving mathematical problems, gave the opportunity to enter the source data arrays in teams, which allowed to condense the information in 15 times in comparison with the standard program. This seal of information demanded the introduction of a block diagram of the program of the new bloc that controls the encryption, and conversion to ordinary decimal representation of the original data.
The next step for more narrow circle of the selected signs of further analysis using the correlations (marked ŋ)3. This helped to better assess the degree of connection between pairs of indices, which had no simple linear relationship (or one of them had no quantitative measure). As a phenomenon with whom a relationship of various factors (family history, belonging to a social group, place of residence) were studied, discussed the overall state of health.

1. The machine program for development of materials prepared by the head of the mathematical computing group of the Institute of gerontology of AMS of the USSR Y. P. Graczkowski. Processing of materials is implemented in the computer center of the Kyiv state University named after T. G. Shevchenko on the M-222.
2. Bailey N. Statistical methods in biology. Edited by centuries of Nalimov. M., 1962, S. 193.
3. Immortal B. C. Mathematical statistics in clinical, preventive and experimental medicine. M., 1967, S. 228.