Phantom sensations

Phantom sensation is the feeling of missing limbs or parts of it. Phantom sensations are painless and pain.
Painless phantom sensations arise soon after the loss of a limb (separation, amputation). Often phantom sensations lost limbs so bright that patients try to use it. Most clearly felt missing fingers, the hand, the foot, elbow, knee and heel. Sometimes develop perverted phantom sensations, characterized by a feeling of increase or decrease the part of the missing limb, its various provisions.
Pain phantom sensations lead patients to severe pain. They arise through 2-6 months or a few years after the loss of a limb, there are various intensity and character and can be combined with pains in the cult of extremities associated with the development of neuroma (see) in the peripheral section of the nerve.
There are phantom pains: local propagating in a hand, finger, heel; kinesthetic, characterized by patients as tearing, tensile, compressive, vykruchivalsya; kaupallisessa (see Causalgia); undefined type, mixed.
Prevention of phantom pain - right surgical treatment amputation stump (see Amputation).
For the treatment used painkillers, procaine blockade (see Blockade procaine), surgical removal of navrom and scars on the stump.