Fasciolopsis (fasciolopsidosis) - helminthiasis caused by the trematode (Fluke) - Fasciolopsis buski.
The parasite leaf shape, length 15-50 mm Adult worms are parasites in the small intestines of humans, pigs, dogs. With the feces of patients fasciolopsiasis allocated eggs of the parasite. By ingestion of eggs into the water after 2-3 weeks are formed embryos that go out and penetrate into snails. The snail is the reproduction of helminth larvae ending the release into water of larvae - cercarial. Cercariae incestious on water and plants. Infection fasciolopsiasis occurs when ingestion of larvae of water and eating raw water nuts and tubers of a number of water plants. Fasciolopsis common in China, Thailand, India, the Philippines.
Fasciolopsis flows, mainly affecting the gastrointestinal tract. In the mild course, there are only pain in the abdomen, sometimes diarrhea. In severe cases, abdominal pain and diarrhea sometimes replaced by a normal chair or constipation. Later appear weakness, dizziness, sleepiness, swelling in the legs (men - swelling of the scrotum), develop General edema, hypoproteinemia. Patients can die from exhaustion and increasing cardiovascular insufficiency. Diagnosis detection in Calais eggs of helminths.
Treatment. Apply Naftalan within 1-2 days. Single (she daily) dose for children over 5 years and adults - 5 g, children 5 years and younger - 2,5, Drug stir in 50 ml of sugar syrup and gives the patient to drink at once on an empty stomach.
Prevention. Water should drink boiled or filtered, plants (water chestnuts and other) wash and scald with boiling water.
Cm. also the Trematodozov.