Faves (synonym impetigo is outdated term) is a fungal disease caused by a fungus ahorion Shenleina (Achorion Schonleini). Spoken in Turkey, Spain, Iran, on the Islands of the Pacific ocean. In the USSR almost eliminated, register isolated cases. Infection occurs through direct contact of a patient with a healthy or through infected subjects (hats, combs, clothing). Especially easily infected infants and weakened by chronic infections.
There are several clinical varieties. The defeat of the scalp proceeds in the form scatolaro (Fig. 10), and squamous impetiginoznoy forms. Brutuly (shields) are ochre-yellow cover with saucer-like depression in the center; they are imbued hair. Hair is dry, loses Shine, elasticity and remind tow; due to atrophy of hair follicles, developing on-the-spot scutul, is resistant baldness. When impetiginoznoy form (Fig. 11) - peel yellow-brown color, resembling vulgar impetigo (see) or eczema, acute pyogenic infection. When removing crusts also found atrophic changes, hair dry and lose their elasticity. When squamous form is observed diffuse peeling with fine scutului or without them. Under the scales also found scar skin atrophy, modified and hair.

Faves. Fig. 10. Scutellaria form of favus the scalp. Fig. 11. Impetiginoznoy form of favus smooth skin. Fig. 12. Favus smooth skin.

Favus smooth skin is less common characteristic education, in addition to scutul, hyperemic and scaly lesions, lesions resembling the surface trihofitii smooth skin (Fig. 12). Deep form of favus is very rare.
The defeat nails when pause develop slowly. In the thick of the nail plate spots appear yellow, formed subungual hyperkeratosis. However, dystrophic changes of the nail plate less pronounced than in patients with chronic trichophytosis. Nails are affected rarely stop.
Treatment of favus scalp spend in dermatology hospitals: griseofulvin 0,15 g 4-6 times a day (15-20 days), then a day before the full effect (on average 1-1 .5 months). If contraindications to the use grizeofulvina appoint 4% epilinovy patch with the subsequent application of detachments, sulfur-tar ointment 2% iodine alcohol solution (tincture of iodine). In rare cases, radiotherapy. Treatment for nail - see Onychomycosis. When only defeat smooth skin treatment is similar to treatment trihofitii (see), Microsporum (see) smooth skin.
The forecast. With long-term systematic treatment under control mycological research begins recovery.
Prevention of favus - thorough treatment of patients, prophylactic medical examination of the patient's family; door-to-door checks settlements, where they found cases of favus, must be held annually within 3 years after the detection of the last patient. Compulsory treatment of focus (see Disinfection, ringworm). Important health education, taking into account local customs and conditions of life.