Feldsher and midwife

"Feldsher and midwife" is a monthly scientific and practical journal for secondary health care workers, the authority of the Ministry of health of the USSR and the RSFSR Ministry of health. Published since 1936 Distributed by subscription only.
The main task of the magazine is to increase professional knowledge and ideological and political level of the readers, especially feldshers and midwives, self-employed in rural areas.
When the magazine created the editorial Board; among the 30 members - medical assistants and midwives, scientists, heads of agencies and health facilities from various towns and villages in all the Union republics of the country. Periodically, members of the editorial Board hold the readers ' conference with the report on the work of the log, identify the needs of the readers.
The journal publishes editorials, acquainting readers with the decisions of the Party and Government, orders of ministries of health of the USSR and RSFSR.
In section "Organization of health care" are published materials covering the activities of health posts and health centers, industrial enterprises, the work councils paramedics, the study of morbidity and medical examination of the population in rural medical section , etc.
Much space is given to various issues of preventive and anti-epidemic work. In the section of Epidemiology and hygiene" are published materials on prevention and epidemiology of infectious diseases, sanitary supervision over water supply resources, enterprises on processing of agricultural products, public catering, schools and childcare institutions, on health and life of workers in industrial and agricultural production, improvement of settlements, the accounting and reporting.
The expansion of horizons of feldshers and midwives, to improve their skills in the detection, treatment and prevention of various diseases contribute materials that are placed in the section "Clinical medicine". The article provides data on the differential diagnosis, aid for individual diseases, their prevention; attached is a short list of recommended literature.
The most important in the work of any of the health issues associated with the provision of emergency medical help in case of acute diseases, injuries, poisoning, readers find in the section "emergency and First aid".
In the section "Discussion" topical issues of further ways of development of health care workers in rural areas, a number of questions connected with work of medical stations, etc.
Health issues in different countries of the world and visibility of feldshers and midwives in the protection of public health is dedicated section ' Healthcare abroad".
In the section "health education" published methodological materials on hygiene training and education of the population that can be used to prepare for the lecture or conversation. In the section "Exchange of experience" with articles are, as a rule, medical assistants and midwives, revealing their work experience in various directions of activities of health posts, health centers, industrial enterprises, etc. Regularly publish articles devoted to the topic "History of medicine" of eminent health officials and scientists-doctors of history of development of medical and midwifery profession; the articles, dedicated to the participation of feldshers and midwives in revolutionary activities in the period of establishment of Soviet power and organization of the Soviet health in the great Patriotic war, etc., In the journal also section "Life medical schools"covering the issues of preparation and improvement of paramedical personnel, exchange of experience of teachers of medical schools, teaching methodology, conducting ideological and political educational work with students.
In the section "Honoured workers" publishes articles about advanced medical assistants and midwives, the knights of the order of Lenin and the Heroes of Socialist Labor.
In the section "Medical seminar" put for collective discussion and solution of particular tasks from the field of obstetrics and gynaecology, emergency medicine, surgery, hygiene and other disciplines. The journal publishes medical and legal advice, reviews of medical journals, reviews of publications intended primarily for secondary health care workers; provides various practical advice and information about released medicines. In addition, for nurses publishes monthly scientific and practical journal "the Medical sister" - a body of the Ministry of health of the RSFSR. The journal is intended for nurses urban and rural medical institutions. Published since 1942, is Distributed by subscription. The magazine covers the matters of theory and practice of the various branches of medicine, with the goal of improving the skills of nurses, their theoretical and practical knowledge; publishes articles devoted to the issues of nursing, medical technology, health education. The journal publishes materials promoting the experience of leading medical institutions and the best nurses. In the advanced articles covered activities aimed at further improvement of health and quality of health services. To improve knowledge nurses entered the category of "Workshop of nurses". Systematically covers the work of the councils of nurses, the issues of training of nursing personnel. Publishes articles historical character. Printed reviews published textbooks and manuals for secondary health care workers. Consultations on medical and legal issues.