Felines (synonym: benign lymphoreticulosis, the disease from cat scratches) is an infectious disease, characterized by a low contagiousness, characterized by the lymph nodes.
The causative agent of vilinosa - virus. The carriers of activators are cats; human infection may occur from scratches, bites, skin contamination discharge of cats.
On a place of introduction of the virus (scratch, bite) occurs swelling, pain. The incubation period - 3-63 day. The disease begins with pronounced swelling of the lymph nodes, the sharp pain, chills, headache, pain in muscles and joints. High temperatures observed during 5-9 days, then reduced to subfebrile figures and lasts 6-8 weeks. There are forms (more children) with lesions of the nervous system and abdominal syndrome. In blood: expedited ROHE, moderate leukocytosis, changing leukopenia, may be lymphocytosis, rarely - eosinophilia. The prognosis is favorable. Rarely occurs suppuration of the lymph nodes.
To confirm the diagnosis is intracutaneous test with a specific antigen.
Treatment of vilinosa. It is recommended to use antibiotics for 7-10 days, sometimes in combination with prednisolone.