Enzyme preparations

Enzyme preparations is medicinal matters of protein nature, with enzyme activity. Most of enzyme preparations - animal origin, some of them can be separated from plants or micro-organisms.
Enzyme preparations improve the course of biochemical reactions in the body.
In violation of the functions of the digestive tract (ahilia, Hypo-and anatsidnyh gastritis, dyspepsia) is widely used digestive enzyme preparations: pepsin (see), gastric juice (see), Pancreatin (see), acidin-pepsin (see), abomin (see); sometimes prescribed herbal preparation containing a proteolytic enzyme papain, derived from papaya tree. Papain also has the ability to digest intestinal worms, contains a special substance that protects them from the digestive action of animal enzymes. In this regard, papain used as an antihelminthic means, in particular with ascariasis.
To facilitate the evacuation of viscous secret, exudation, pus, necrotic tissue used proteolytic enzyme preparations - trypsin (see), chymotrypsin (see), the desoksiribonukleaza (see), collagenase, and others, derived from the pancreas of slaughter cattle. Healthy tissue containing specific antifermentny substances, it is not affected by these enzymes. To proteolytic enzyme preparations include streptokinase and streptodornase derived from crops hemolytic Streptococcus. The mixture of these enzymes used in surgical practice as a tool, which helps to cleanse wounds from purulent-necrotic masses. Fibrinolizin (see)having the property to dissolve strands of fibrin, used in the treatment of thromboembolic diseases, thrombophlebitis, myocardial infarction; the product also provides sossoudorasshiratee effect. Usually fibrinolizin appoint, in combination with heparin (see).
To enzyme preparations is also thrombin (see), which increases blood clotting.
Essential drugs hyaluronidase (see), causing an increase in the permeability of fabrics and facilitate the movement of fluids in the interstitial spaces. Drugs hyaluronidase are lidaza (see) and reidosa (see). Hyaluronidase applied subcutaneously with bruises, scleroderma, scars, arthritis, stiffness of joints, to speed vsasyvanija medicinal substances; ronidazol - externally for the treatment of long-term healing wounds, for contractures of joints.
In medical practice used substances with antifermentny activity, for example trasilol obtained from the parotid salivary glands slaughter cattle. Trasilol prescribed for pancreatitis for inactivation of trypsin to limit self-digestion cancer. To antifermentny drugs include anticholinesterase agents (see) and inhibitors monoaminooksidasy - iprase (see), transamin (see) and other Cm. also Enzymes.