The fibroscopy

With the development of fiber optics endoscopic methods in the diagnosis of diseases of the stomach, especially malignant, has become paramount. In 1958 Century Herschowitz et al. [Demonstration of a new gastroscope..., 1958] has created a fundamentally new device for visual examination of the stomach, where the lens system was replaced by a beam of light guides. The advantages of this type of devices the following: 1) security method (the percentage of complications according to K. Ariga, 1966 - 0,03-0,001); 2) ease of research for the patient;
3) high image quality; 4) no blind zones in the stomach when his examination; 5) the ability to perform directed biopsy. Modern models of fiberscope, designed to study the various divisions of the gastrointestinal tract flexible, with good governance and lighting are supplied with automatic feed of air, water and the extraction of the contents.