The role of firms producing baby food

Growing in recent criticism of a number of companies led to the establishment of the International Council of manufacturers of baby food [216]. The Council brings together representatives of many companies making baby formula; it is tasked with regulating sales of baby food in different countries. It should be noted that health workers reacted to the creation of this Council without enthusiasm, as they do not believe in the ability of firms to meet all requirements of health authorities [214].
Firms engaged in the production of baby food, consider the following:
1) significant change in the way of advertising. We cannot say equivalence of breast and bottle feeding. Activities to promote the production and advertising of infant formula should be under the control is not interested in the profits of an enterprise of medical personnel and informed members of the public. We note that recently the manufacturers engaged in the production of infant formula, discussed this issue [217];
2) the issue of the budget of the children's mixtures with adequate nutrition for children who are unable to provide breast milk;
3) the production of mixtures with a low allergenic properties and minimum additives; they must be affordable and accessible for feeding children at risk or sensitive to cow's milk;
4) active development and wide application of nutritional supplementation for children, and pregnant and lactating women. A very important requirement to such drugs is precise and detailed marking indicating all ingredients and method of preparation; this requirement is especially necessary in respect of mixtures, designed for feeding children suffering from any form of Allergy [218];
5) development of technology of storage of breast milk and the search for the optimum method of its treatment.
Currently, there is an urgent need to unite the efforts of medical workers and companies engaged in the manufacture of baby food; their joint efforts are to help women broadly and effectively to practice breastfeeding [219]. Governments of different countries on all continents should with all responsibility to take this problem; we must promote and put into practice the rules of opening a child to physical health and emotional well-being.