Firuza - the pearl of Turkmenistan

Famous Russian geographer, founder of the Russian climatology Alexander Ivanovich Voeykov, who visited during his trip to Turkestan Askhabad (Ashkhabad) in April 1912, could not pass by the town Firuza, which until then had heard much.
And that's outdoor chaise employed in Askhabad, lucky Voeikov on Pirutinsky the road. Gorge delighted traveler mountain coolness, an abundance of grass and a small river flowing among the thick trees. Further stretched fruit gardens and village. And all this combined with steep slopes, picturesque guard gorge, looked marvellous...
But not only the beauty of the landscape is famous for Firuza. Here are healthy, clean mountain air, plenty of sunshine, low humidity.
The average monthly air temperature in the Firyuza in the hottest months are July and August - 5 lower than in Ashgabat, located in 36 km from Firuz. If the average monthly air temperature in July for Firuz 25,8°, Ashgabat she 30,7 C; in August 24,4 degrees of Firuz and 29.6 degrees of Ashgabat. The absolute maximum air temperature in July of Ashgabat is 47 degrees, and for Firuz 40 degrees.
Firyuza small average speed of winds and high transparency of the atmosphere; number of days with dust storms and haze is much less than in other places of the Republic.
Precipitation is low (average for the year 253 mm). Most of them observed in April (50 mm)and lowest in August and September (4 mm).
Firuza - this beautiful area of Turkmenistan is a unique natural resting place with especially favorable climatic conditions.
Firyuza - climatic, lowland (660 metres above sea level) resort - is a number of holiday houses.