Treatment for fistula

Treatment for fistula is the adoption of measures that promote spontaneous closure of the fistula. During the formation of a fistula are measures aimed at the elimination of the inflammatory process in the pathological focus, normalization of metabolic functions of the body, antibacterial therapy. When intestinal, urinary and biliary fistula in the presence of purulent wounds and profuse discharge from these bodies are recommended draining fistula with disposal of faeces, urine and bile in a separate bowl. It is advisable to use demarcates the tampons with hypertonic solution, furatsilinom , etc. These measures allow for quick elimination of the inflammatory process in the wound and to create favorable conditions for self-fistula closure. In patients with external fistula ensure maximum protection of the skin around the fistula, as in the absence of proper skin care can be complications - dermatitis, furunculosis, cellulitis and other
Care for patients with fistula, created to supply the patient (gastrostomy tube, euroshima), has its own characteristics (see Gastrostomy, Enterostomy).
The rules of care for patients with purulent sinuses are careful hygiene of the skin around the fistula. The area of the fistula should be washed with warm boiled water, and if the General condition of the patient, recommended daily hygienic bath. If there are excessive granulation around fistulous hole, can produce a burning the edges of the fistula iodine, a 3% solution of nitrate of silver with the subsequent imposition of sterile bandages. To strive for the removal of bone sequestrum, foreign bodies, a Loayza fistulous move without consulting surgeon cannot. To eliminate inflammation deep in the fabric can recommend washing fistulous turn solutions of antibiotics; physiotherapeutic treatment - quartz, UHF.
Patients with bronchial fistula have to wear bandages and often to change them. When fistula significant diameter patients must wear obstructive bandage, as when removing bandages in a patient comes shortness of breath, cyanosis, dyspnea, and so on, to Take shared bath impossible, as the water may be through a fistula to penetrate into the bronchial tree and cause respiratory distress. Bathe only in the shower. If there maceration of the skin and pustules around fistula, you can lubricate the skin strong solution of potassium permanganate, green diamond or to put bandage with 5% syntomycin, streptocide, hydrocortisone and prednizolonovuyu ointment and other
The rules of care for patients with liquor or ascitic fistulas are warning of ascending infection. It is necessary to make frequent changes sterile bandages. If ascitic fistula there is significant leakage of liquid on the skin area fistula with observance of rules of aseptics to impose 1-2 silk suture or brackets Michel.
Surgical treatment should be applied at the congenital, Goloviznin and long-term healing (within 4-5 months.) granulating fistula. Patients with bronchial fistulas or colon cancer can live for many years without appreciable changes in the General state, while remaining able-bodied, performing light work. Patients who underwent the operation of the closing of the fistula, in most cases fully restore the ability to work.