Physical education - the sister of medicine

This interview was conducted by a female doctor. She knew about the sport movement in the USSR was told to pupils Nikolai Petrovich. So beginning this:
- You already know that the physical culture is a complex concept. It covers also the issues of education, and health promotion. That's the last I, as a doctor, and I will speak.
Do not be surprised that I will start... with his biography. It is quite instructive. From a young age I was very fond of gymnastics, sport games, well skating, skiing. He successfully participated in various competitions. After school, I applied the Institute of physical education.
To tell the truth, I most hoped that by studying at the Institute, I will become a good athlete. And so it happened: for the years teaching in infiscale I gained a lot of knowledge on techniques and methods of all major types of gymnastics, sport games. But, to my surprise, in the programs of the Institute were many theoretical subjects, which, apparently, not very linked with the concepts of "physical culture", "sport". The big place in our student learning was occupied by the study of the foundations of Marxism-Leninism, pedagogy and a number of medical Sciences - hygiene, biology, anatomy and physiology, psychology and others.
Finishing University, I understood that only such a versatile training gave me the right to consider myself an expert on physical culture. After a few years in school I passed the extension exams in medical school and became a doctor.
I think that the short story is better than the General arguments that will show you how close contact medical work and physical education. Let me remind you that medicine is divided into curative and preventive. The first is fighting disease, the second tries to warn them. Without prevention of violations of the normal development of children and adolescents, without strengthening, hardening of the organism from youth to old age, it is impossible to overcome all diseases.
In contrast to the life of the workforce capitalist and especially the colonial countries in the Soviet Union and in other States, where is built or built socialism, concern for people's health is one of the most important tasks. And the main means of strengthening the health of children, youth and adults on combat duty are physical culture and mass sport.
About the proper physical development of children care in nurseries and kindergartens. In the school years in addition to the mandatory physical education lessons, gymnastics before the training and sports breaks" young people have the opportunity to study in groups and sections of sports (unfortunately, not all use this opportunity!). Many older students are trained in youth sports societies, Palaces and Houses of pioneers.
More children engaged in games, gymnastics, acrobatics on the grounds of the public services, parks of culture and rest. In winter school youth ski station, the skating rinks. Every year develops wider school tourism - Hiking, boat trips, kayaks, bicycles for historical or simply picturesque places of our region. What courage, what useful skills gives the stay of children in summer camps!
Children who lag in physical development with defects in posture or after serious illnesses, can work in groups of remedial gymnastics) at their schools or at district polyclinics.
There was such a fun song from the film:
If you want to be healthy,
Forget about the doctors.
Water cold oblivia.
If you want to be healthy...
Of course, this is a joke. But it has some truth: those who harden your body, strengthen muscles, and will with the help of exercise, sport, tourism, much less likely to seek treatment. And if a true athlete and will be exposed to infections and colds, it is easier and without complications will carry the disease, will quickly go back to school or work.
That's why experienced physician prescribing certain medications, be sure to add, "And most importantly, follow the regime, normally eat, more fresh air." And then recommends certain physical exercises, tempering water, sun, and after serious illness - walking, a light massage.
In science it has long been known saying: "Life is movement. This truth applies to all living nature. In particular, it is the basis of physical education of the person.
You say, "But we all life doing something that is constantly in motion (when not sleeping)". It's right. But for the proper development of the body need not some random, and versatile, specially selected movement, rather exercises.
Exercise called movement, repeated over and over with Wellness, training or educational purpose. From the brief school of anatomy and physiology, you know that under the influence of the environment and of a particular work (physical or mental) produced a response. I. P. Pavlov called them "reflexes". Gradually, these reflexes are composed in a durable, permanent "stereotypes".
"Under the influence of physical exercises rebuilt the work of all organs of our body, the activity of the whole body," wrote a student of the I. P. Pavlova Professor A. N. Krestovnikov. Gradually motor skills are improving, disappears excessive muscle tension, motion become free, accurate. In the end, we learn to perform the desired movement almost automatically, i.e. without mandatory "orders" our main leader of the cerebral cortex.
It is clear, such as the persistence of the nervous system and body facilitates any of our activity - in doctrine, in work, in sports.
Second, no less important, the value of exercise in the air is that they make the heart stronger to fill with blood largest and countless small vessels (capillaries), the supply of all organs and tissues of our body. With the current blood removed them from waste and harmful substances. Such "ventilation" of the body is absolutely required for normal growth and preservation of serviceability for years to come.
Now do you see as necessary for life as closely related treatment, hygiene and active physical training and sports. No wonder they say: "Exercise - the sister of medicine".
Today we talked with you about acquiring and preserving health by means of physical culture. This is a very important matter, " concluded the doctor.- But physical culture helps to educate and other valuable qualities, abilities, skills. On them will be discussed in the following conversations.