Phlebotomine is a measurement of venous pressure with the help of the staff - phlebotomy. The latter consists of a thin glass tube is mounted on a tripod with millimetric divisions, rubber tubes, connected with the needle, and systems for filling machine, arranged on the principle dropper (Fig). Before phlebotominae sterile tube is filled with a sterile isotonic solution of sodium chloride. The level of solution in a glass tube set at zero scale divisions of the device and on a rubber tube impose clip. During phlebotominae investigated should still be on the back. The device is set to zero scale divisions were located at the level of the right atrium (the lower edge of the large pectoral muscle). Then the dotted line in the vein at the elbow bend and remove the clip from the handset. Blood from a vein enters the system until then, until the pressure of the liquid in the glass tube will not be equal venous pressure.
In healthy people venous pressure fluctuates between 80 - 100 mm water. Art. It may increase in patients with right ventricular failure (with the lack of tricuspid valve), be reduced by the falling venous tone, reducing the total amount of blood and other