Florimitsin - antibiotic which is a product of radiant life mushrooms Streptomyces puniceus and others In the medical practice used florimitsina sulfate (Florimycinum sulfuricum, Florimycini sulfas; synonym: Viomycin sulfate, viomycin; list B). The drug is prescribed in the various forms of TB, mainly in patients with developed resistance to other tuberculostatic drugs. Intramuscularly for 500 000 IU 2 times daily cycles for 6 days (7-day - break). The duration of treatment is 2-4 months. Solutions florimitsina sulfate are ex tempore and use within one day. The highest single dose of 1 000 000 UNITS, the highest daily 2 000 000 IU. When applying florimitsina may experience headaches, allergic reactions, to appear protein in the urine; possible toxic effect on the auditory nerve. Florimitsina sulfate contraindications to the defeat VIII pair cranial nerves and kidney function.
Florimitsina sulfate should not be combined with streptomycin, digidrostreptomitsinom, neomycin, monomitsinom, kanamycin and other antibiotics, have toxic effects on the body hearing.
The form of release florimitsina sulfate: vials containing 500 000 and 1 000 000 UNITS of the drug. Keep in dark place at temperature not above 20 deg. Cm. also Antibiotics.