Who of us love flowers?

Group Extromatica is another phenomenon parapsychology reaction of the plants to other living beings. Let us mention two facts. They say that some people flowers literally cannot stand. Once a man enters the room, the flowers start stagnated, to fade. Further indicate that the two trees that are out in the open, obviously attracted to each other. Many probably have noticed it. Again for the interpretation of the described phenomena uses the concept of a biofield.
Let's try to use the Occam's razor. We assume that both things take place, though the first of them should have checked more strictly.
Even if some people give flowers negative reaction to attract biofield is not necessary. In recent years developed the doctrine of the so-called telangana chemical agents by which plants and animals remotely interact with each other. Why we love to smell the roses or fragrant tobacco? Yes, because from them comes the pleasant aroma that attracts bees. Flowers can also respond to the different chemical agents. If the dog is able to track down several kilometres person, shoes which she gave a sniff, and flowers, obviously, can detect a negative reaction to some smells person. Said - too hypothesis, but more like the truth, than the assumption of the existence of unknown biofield.
As for the trees, stretching to each other in the open, there's no need "excessive entity. Everything is explained by the wind rose. Winds fanned the trees on all sides. When the wind blows right, right tree ducks to the left, covering it at the same time from the wind; therefore left're not going. When coming from the left, the left tree leans to the right, and right is protected and not going anywhere. So it turns out that during the life of the trees, the winds all the time bends them to each other.
So, in this case, the phenomena can be wholly attributed to the category of facts that do not require new explanations.