Zublena (fluctuation)

Zublena (fluctuation) is a sign of liquid accumulation in the pathological focus (abscess, hematoma, bursitis, and so on). The emergence of subline in dense inflammatory infiltrate refers to his purulent fusion (abstsedirovanie) and an indication for in section (see Abscess).
To detect Sablina, the fingers of both hands (1 or 2, depending on the size of infiltration) is placed near the center of the study area, slightly pressing on it. The fingers of the left hand not move, the fingers of his right to produce light strokes, which in the presence of fluid is transmitted on the left hand. I. conversely, pushing fingers of the left hand feel fingers of his right. The thinner walls purulent cavities than she poverhnostnye, the more determined zublena. With massive walls and deep location of the cavity to detect zublena difficult or even impossible. A sense of false sibline occurs sometimes when palpation muscle or fat tissue (for example, when the lipoma), but the shocks are transmitted only in one direction, and when you change the position of the fingers feeling sibline disappears.