Formaldehyde (Formaldehydum) - formic aldehyde. In clinical practice, using 40% aqueous solution of formaldehyde - formalin (Formalinum) as disinfectant, deodorizing, means for washing hands, skin treatment in case of excessive sweating (0.5-1% solution), for disinfection of instruments (0.5% solution), in gynaecological practice for douching (1: 2000-1 : 3000), as well as for conservation of anatomical preparations (10-15%) and histological practice.
Formaldehyde - 40% formaldehyde solution - has bactericidal, fungicidal and sporicidin properties. For wet disinfection of premises formalin not apply because of the irritating smell, used for disinfection mainly in the gaseous state, or for processing things in the cells.
Keep in tightly closed bottles in dark place at temperature not below 9 degrees.
Cm. also Disinfectants.