The formation of personality

Preventive importance is the education of man in so far as the formation of personality, values result in a hierarchical ordering of needs, education rod internal culture. It is necessary to ensure that the highest needs, moral values dominated the motivation of behavior. The path to the ideals open to all, and it is both a way to elevate human needs, the path of liberation of man from the power of the primary egocentric motivations.
The higher the structure of personality and moral values of duty, honor, conscience, justice elevate man above the world everyday circumstances, make it stronger and cleaner awaken in him a special feeling of feelings and moods, not related directly and directly with a passive reflection of the environment (Zdravomyslov, 1986).
Incomes are rising. In comparison with 1940 in 1980 was 6-fold increase (Zaigraev, 1986). However, if the improvement of the living level of the population is not accompanied by the growth opportunities for the manifestation of social and cultural interests, the booming consumer orientation vicious nature. Especially sharply the loss of higher social guidelines affects young people. Not having done the necessary internal work but the assimilation of social values, not having received the highest personal regulators, the part of the youth is in a captivity of Vedism, striving for comfort and pleasure. Formed a dangerous tendency to opposition to healthy values of society, anti-social behaviour. This style includes and heavy alcohol use.
In any case, the low level of culture is an obstacle to overcome alcoholism and alcohol abuse. It is about the culture of the person and culture of society. The low level of education, lack of skills, lack of spirituality combined with poor psychic self-regulation and the underlying conflicts, disappointments and frustrations in production, family and other relationships form the breeding ground for the systematic use of alcohol, drunkenness and alcoholism.
One of the most important ways to overcome the negative - increased attention to formation of a human personality, the exaltation of his needs, the assimilation of cultural values of socialist society, i.e. ensuring its spiritual health.