Radioactive phosphorus

Known artificially radioactive isotope of phosphorus practical value has only R32 with half-lives of 14.5 per day, with only a beta radiation with a maximum 1.7 MeV. Such radiation is completely absorbed in the layer of water or biological tissue thickness of about 1 cm, and in the air extends to a distance of 8 HP
P32 usually get in a nuclear reactor from a non-radioactive phosphorus. Activity R32 in small samples measured beta-counter. In some malignancies, particularly of the brain, P32 focuses more (10-100, and sometimes up to 500 times)than in normal tissue. It is used for the diagnosis of brain tumors, eye, breast cancer and some other. P32 can be applied for determining the speed of blood flow, the total volume of red blood cells, circulating blood volume in diseases of the cardiovascular system, for diagnostics of blood diseases, etc.,
For radiation therapy P32 activity, calculated in units of millicurie (MK), applied in the form of soluble phosphate disubstituted sodium (Na2HP32O4) or in the form of insoluble phosphate chromium (CGy32O4). P32 is considered the best known means for the treatment of polycythemia, the less it is effective in the treatment of myeloid leukemia and almost no effect in other forms of leukemia. The drug is usually appointed for the reception inside. Of soluble drug R32 prepare applicators for the treatment of tumors and other diseases of the skin (eczema, hyperkeratosis, senile keratosis), cornea and other Insoluble phosphate chromium in the form of fine sediment is used for injection directly into the tumor tissue. Cook also gelatin film to introduce them during the operation in the wound after removal of the tumor. P32 refers to the substance of the average radiotoxicity with activity not exceeding 10 mccoury in the workplace does not require special protection measures.