• Radioactive phosphorus
  • The phosphorus, P) is a chemical element, atomic mass 30,97; temperature of melting of 44.1 C; temperature of boiling for 280.5 degrees; pair 4.3 times heavier than air; the air is easily oxidized and selfigniting. In a production environment ( chemical industry) workers may be exposed to white or yellow phosphorus. Red phosphorus insoluble in liquids and is considered non-toxic.
    Lethal dose of phosphorus for human 0,05-0,15 Gopala on the skin, phosphorus ignites and due formed phosphoric acid leads to severe skin burns with slow healing.
    Acute poisonings occur in case of accidents, while taking phosphorus inside. The symptomology of acute poisoning: abdominal pain, gastrointestinal disorders, weakening of the heart activity, less fever, jaundice; hemorrhage; in urine - protein, cylinders, blood. At showdown - fatty degeneration of the internal organs, especially the liver, kidneys and heart.
    Chronic poisoning can occur by ingestion of phosphorus in the body by inhalation and per os. This is characterized by pain in the teeth or jaw, diminished appetite, upset digestive, falling body weight, increased fragility of bones, osteoporosis, necrosis of the jaw; affected the mucous membrane of the mouth, respiratory organs, cardiovascular and nervous system, blood changes.
    Prevention: replacement, where possible, phosphorus other substances. Upon receipt and application of phosphorus necessary complete sealing of production processes with effective ventilation. It is recommended that the observance of personal hygiene: thoroughly wash the face and hands; care for the mouth and teeth; once in 6 months.- the medical examinations of employees. For the prevention of chronic poisoning phosphorus recommended ascorbic acid, the preparations of calcium, vitamin d MPC yellow phosphorus - 0.03 mg/m3 of air.
    First aid and treatment: acute poisoning phosphorus through mouth - frequent re-washing stomach 0,2% solution of potassium permanganate , or 0.1% solution of copper sulphate, saline laxative; re cleansing enema; alkaline water (2% solution of soda; Borjomi); mucous broths. Intravenous - 40% glucose solution (20-30 ml) with ascorbic acid (300 mg); 10% solution of calcium chloride (5 to 10 ml). We recommend the use of vitamins (C, B6, B12, Riboflavin, folic and nicotinic acid). In severe forms - ACTH, cortisol. As antidote 2-3 times in half an hour - 1% solution of copper sulphate (on 1 table. L. to receive). Chronic poisoning symptomatic therapy.
    Burns the skin immediately extinguish a burning phosphorus water or sand; the burnt place to handle a 5% solution of copper sulfate, oil fish oil.