Votary is a room equipped for holding the General group ultraviolet irradiations in the preventive purposes. Sources of UV radiation are mercury-quartz or erythema uviol lamp (see ultraviolet Irradiators). Votary arrange in medical preventive establishments (sanatoriums, children's health establishments, while the health units mines, mines, factories, plants and others), as well as sports halls, rest houses and so on

scheme of votare
Scheme of votare with Central irradiation installation: 1 - irradiator with lamp PortPC-7 (GOK-2); 2 - lamp Solux; 3 - line location allocaudioa; 4 - reception Desk; 5 - room with a remote control; 6 - changing room.

The following types of votaries.
1. Votary with Central irradiation installation. Exposure to turn the front and back surfaces of the body are conducted at a fixed distance around the source of ultraviolet radiation (Fig.).
2. Votary front install sources of UV radiation allows to irradiate two opposite surfaces of the body. In such Patriach allocaudioa stand or move on the conveyor between two rows of ultraviolet irradiators.
3. Automated votary for individual exposures. The damper is installed in front of mercury quartz feed, automatically open only during the exposure of a person who is on a special platform.
Votary suit in the room about the shower; provides room for changing clothes, granting and reception of light points. In votarii should be combined extract and input ventilation with 4-5-fold air exchange per hour, temperature of air in the room of 25 degrees. The possibility of counter flows of people. Direction for irradiation in votarii gives the doctor. When votarii should be cubicle for servicing nurses. In it are the instruments of incorporation, the alarm clock for reference doses. Monitoring obluchyeniya is through the observation window of the cab. During the year, conducted two courses exposures: in autumn and in winter - spring. Break between courses of 2 to 2.5 months. Exposure of a gradually increasing doses ranging from 1/4-1/2 average biodozy (see), and gradually brought up to 3-5 biodoses, 15-20 procedures a day.
Indications and contraindications for the use of votare common to UV radiation (see the Light).
Cm. also Ultraviolet failure.