Wild strawberry

the wild strawberrywild Strawberry (Fragaria vesca L.) usually it grows on the hillside. And berries here will be big, juicy. It is then, in early July, and in June, you have to gather leaves for vitamin teas and herbal infusions. Modern medicine uses for therapeutic purposes fruit and leaves a relatively limited.
Infusion of leaves and berries appointed as cholagogue. Fresh juice 4-6 tablespoons on an empty stomach is recommended for cholelithiasis. Use it and diaphoretic and diuretic. The juice of fresh berries 4-6 tablespoons per day lowers blood sugar in diabetes.
People fruits or all plant, disrupted during the flowering period, is very common. In cold the first thing is to make strawberry leaf. Fresh fruit strawberry - excellent dietary product. It is difficult to name a disease in which would not apply strawberries, would not be to some extent useful, including in the case of salt metabolism in the body. It improves blood composition.
Grows strawberries on clearings, glades, on edges, fields, meadows, slopes are almost on the whole territory of our country.
In the training camp of the wild strawberry is not allowed impurity leaves a near - strawberry green, or polonica. It grows in the same place where the forest, in the same areas, only loves more open spaces: sloping grassy slopes, steppe meadows. You can distinguish strawberries by the fruit: polonici they are spherical, yellowish-white, just on top of reddening, from a Cup of separated with great difficulty.
Collecting the leaves of wild strawberry manually or by cutting with a knife, you have to keep the rest of the petiole was not more than one centimeter. Dried leaves at once in the open air in the shadow, in well ventilated areas, rassypaev thin layer and stirring all the time. Dry leaves from above must be green, from below - grayish, with a faint odor and astringent taste.
The fruits are harvested only Mature, without stalks and calyx. Collect them in the morning, come down dew, or at the end of the day. Raw berries spoil, and collected in the heat quickly wither. So the fruit is not hesitated, do not take too much basket, it must consist of not more than 5 kg per day fruit podkalyvayut in the air, and then put in the dryer.