Frigidity (frigidity) women

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Nature has endowed man with the so-called erogenous zones. List them hardly it is necessary, because these areas is strictly individual.
It should be borne in mind that women may respond differently to fondling and touching different parts of the body. There is the concept of the so-called range of acceptability. The term successful, as briefly and accurately represents the indisputable fact that the standard is not and never can be, for what excites erotic sensations with a woman who may be indifferent, even unpleasant to the other. The range of acceptability is not all women are the same, and if not to take into account, instead of stimulating it is possible to achieve the opposite result.
So, on the nature and tone of intimate life significantly influence the behaviour of parties in the process of convergence. A special role plays the preparation period, creating emotional background, psychophysiological readiness to intimacy.
To reduce sensual sensations may fear of pregnancy and related preventive procedures.
Sometimes a woman for one reason or another are not prone to sexual intimacy. Tiredness, trouble in the family, at work, lack of the appropriate mood - all this defines and often hinders their sexual relationship. Man all this should be taken into account. By the way, it is often also refuse sexual intercourse, if frustrated, tired, busy. Sexual intercourse gives a good, cheerful mood. In happy marriages human, friendly ties so strong that both partners understand each other without words. However, in these cases everydayness, proximity without tenderness can leave a woman unsatisfied.
It is also known that sexual needs women often have known periodicity. Periods of increased excitability, clearly expressed wishes are followed by lethargy, coldness.
This is due to physiological, hormonal adjustments within the menstrual cycle. To the behavior, feelings of loving such periodicity, therefore, not relevant.
Although in the formation of frigidity role of psychological factors great, they are, however, not limited to its cause.
Frigidity may develop in women who have had multiple abortions, in some endocrine diseases, organic defeat of the Central nervous system and mental disorders. Sometimes anemia, obesity, intoxication.
When neurasthenia, hysteria and some other neuroses in women in rare cases may develop so-called vaginismus. This term refers to the twitching of muscles of the vagina, and sometimes the hips and abdominal wall when trying sexual convergence, gynecological examination. Access in the vagina when this is done the impossible.
Vaginismus, usually psychogenic origin. Most often it is preceded by a fear that occurred during the first approximation, or he is a reaction to a sharp pain when you strain hymen. Acute distaste for partner in the rough quarrel or long conflict can also lead to vaginismus.
In sum, the best, perhaps, to recommend to spouses to be attentive to each other.
The complete lack of sexual desire, subject to any abnormalities in the body, is quite rare. This frigidity is only a secondary manifestation. Provide sexual function of the nervous and endocrine systems. Therefore, in severe diseases of the endocrine glands may occur sometimes frigidity.
In most cases, frigidity easily disposable. But many women, fearing that the coldness would cause her husband displeasure and even push him to infidelity, prefer to fake an orgasm. This is not worth it. The element of pretense may become permanent in the marriage relationship. A woman this joy will not bring, and my husband will think that everything is well and his wife have just what he does. We recommend that such women not to cast a non-existent feelings, and to go to the doctor, who will tell you the most reasonable decision.