Frigidity (frigidity) women

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Here are a few examples.
F., 20 years old, came over the lack of when sexual intercourse orgasm. Married one year. From the very beginning of sex life with her husband established abnormal relations. The first night my husband was drunk, behaved very rudely. During sexual intercourse appear discomfort desire, "so as soon as possible ended unpleasant procedure". Feels a sense of shame and embarrassment, because in the same room the mother lives. Foreplay cause even disgust. Waited for marriage something unusual, enjoyable, as in life, everything was the opposite. The examination revealed that gynecologic she is absolutely healthy. Rudeness of her husband during the first intercourse fixed in memory, followed by his behavior, the presence in the room of mother contributed to development of negative reaction to the attempts of rapprochement. Sexual feeling inhibited, orgasm came not. The treatment gave a favourable effect.
I., 32 years old, came with a complaint about the lack of satisfaction with close with her husband. Married for 10 years, has a child. After birth had two abortions, the latter caused inflammation of the ovaries. Very afraid of getting pregnant, and during the next thinks only about how to stop the sexual act. Sexual feeling woke up in the woman gradually. In the first year of family life orgasm didn't come, no matter how many lasted for sexual intercourse, and proximity do not enjoy.
Two years later the patient was the first time the real satisfaction from the vicinity. In the future, after failed abortion fear of new pregnancy inhibited sexual feeling and delayed the onset of orgasm.
Appropriate contraception, held conversations. Sexuality is normalized.
K., 21, has been trying to rape. Married a year and a half. When you try husband to possess it convulsively are hip feels instinctively fear of sexual intercourse. Mutual reproaches so hardened spouses that was a question about divorce.
When examined by K. has vaginismus, due migrated psychotraumas (attempted rape). Carried out the corresponding conversation with her husband, during which were given recommendations about its behavior when intimacy. Further spousal relations improved.
C., 34 years old, married for 14 years. Throughout their married life never experienced feelings of orgasm. Sexual intimacy is only at the insistence of her husband. The respect to the previous sex affection sharply negative. Was raised in a very strict family. Since childhood he learned that sex is something dirty, unworthy of a good woman. 't understand how you can experience the joy of sex, sexual intimacy: "This is all for mistresses, and decent woman to anything". Many have heard from friends about intimate relationships, but never joy from them has not suffered. Sometimes some vague feelings during intercourse occurred a few days before and after menstruation.
After treatment, and several times changed its attitude to sexual intimacy. Later reported that for the first time experienced the pleasure, which previously could not even imagine.
P., 40 years. Married for 19 years. During the whole period of marriage has experienced the feeling of an orgasm in just two times. Usually sexual intercourse is pleasant, but the highest point reaches as ejaculation her husband comes quite quickly. Foreplay pleasant, but they are in a hurry, without considering its desires. Very often the husband carries intimacy in a state of intoxication, as it prolongs the sexual act. In this regard, the wife is often initiated drinking.
After appropriate treatment of the husband sexual act was extended in time. In the held conversations with him learn how to behave during sexual intimacy.
These examples show that in the case of sexual coldness of the wife, the husband should be very tactful and gentle with her. You should not swear wife accusations and suspicion of infidelity, if it does not show temperament. Normal family relationships can g only be built on mutual trust.
The woman in the case coldness should not be tormented by remorse, to consider themselves inferior being, and at the same time, one should not expect "until everything will pass". Timely medical assistance will help to normalize family relationships.