Frigidity (frigidity) women

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In some women, there was a decrease, and sometimes that happens rarely, and lack of sexual desire and feeling of an orgasm during sexual intercourse.
The reasons frigidity can be different. Very often indifferent attitude to intimacy is noted in women who received in childhood misconceptions about sexual attitudes. Considering the sexual relations something ugly, rude, any manifestation of passion, temperament is seen by them as something immoral, defamatory woman.
Still there are persons who believe that physical intimacy reprehensible for women.
It often happens that frigidity is the result of some lag in sexual development. It is noted that the ability to experience orgasm some women, is found very early, while others much later, and sometimes only after delivery.
To the weakening and even complete loss of sexual desire in women (and men) can lead avitaminosis, some infections, psychological overwork and others Such frigidity is temporary and usually after a good rest and improve the overall condition heals itself.
It should be noted that the reason frigidity can be roughly spent their wedding night, which caused a sharp pain. This sometimes causes aversion to sex, leaves a trace reaction, and the woman for many years of married life can be frigid.
The onset of orgasm in women generally hampered considerably easier than men. Often this brake can be any distracting sounds or some unpleasant memory, anxiety, persistent thought.
Seriously, with frustrations and conflicts experienced by women, the lack of harmony in sexual relationships with your loved one. Very often this leads to a tense atmosphere in the family and the emergence of neuroses for wife and husband.
This disharmony often is expressed in the fact that a man experiences an orgasm before woman, leaving her unsatisfied, but already reached a strong sexual arousal. Neuropsychiatric discharge never comes, and interfere with her health, contributing to neurotic reactions. Painful experiences experiences and husband.
In principle, the process of sexual arousal and orgasm occur in women as in men. But there is a distinct physiological differences, to know that you need both. Man, excited easier and faster, sometimes does not understand, how can we not want vicinity. Some men think that women who yields perseverance, pressure, rough coercion, sexual emotions can and do occur.
On the peculiarities of sexual arousal women should probably be mentioned. As a rule, most of them are excited slower than men. In the book of R. Neubert are even curves of the process of sexual arousal. They quite clearly illustrate the difference between the time of occurrence of orgasm in men and women. The woman, so that she had a sexual excitation preceding the act, requires more time than a man. What is the conclusion from this? First of all, it is not necessary for a man to follow its own sensations and turn physical intimacy in a unilateral act meet their needs. Egoistical approach in love as primitive and rough, as in life in General.
Most women final phase intercourse - orgasm occurs later than men. However, some of them reach the highest point of excitation in a few seconds intimacy and during one intercourse experience a feeling of orgasm twice and three times. The rate of increase sensations are defined, thus, individual characteristics, but not only that. Are also important common willingness, the degree of attraction and other Consequently, the severity and intensity of sexual experiences every woman can vary quite significantly.
Women sexual activity is manifested in the constant desire for tenderness, tenderness (this is like the initial stage) and in the desire for sexual intimacy.
A woman often feels a wave of satisfaction with the approach only after sufficient time and enjoyable it is to her training. Modern research confirms that without this preliminary stage, satisfaction (orgasm) often does not occur.