Dymjanka pharmacy

dymjanka pharmacyDymjanka pharmacy - Fumaria officinalis L.
Family Demenkova - Fumariaceae DC.
The plant grayish-green colour, height 18-35 see the Stem is branched, taproot. Leaves with long stems, dailypornstarmovies. Flowers small, whitish, collected in inflorescence is loose raceme. Blossoms in may. Bears fruits in June. The vegetation period is 80-90 days. Harvested from may to September. Grows on moist weed places, in kitchen gardens. Grass contains alkaloids - pumarin and according, as well as the substance, with antiparasitic effect.
In national medicine apply in atony bowel and lack of appetite, and in the treatment of jaundice, tuberculosis, and hemorrhoids. Fresh juice and water tincture is used as a styptic and improves digestion tool, externally - with scabies.
In plants grown in the nursery of medicinal plants of the Botanical garden of Academy of Sciences of Kirghiz SSR, triterpene saponins.
Meet in the European part of the USSR, Siberia, and also in the Northern Caucasus, except Dagestan and Eastern Ciscaucasia.