Functional disorders

Functional disorders manifested mainly with mobility impairments. Under this should mean the processes associated with moving contrast mist across clinico the small intestine, as well as manifestations of contractile activity of the muscles. This is indicated by the nature of peristalsis.
Usually peristalsis of the small intestine radiographically difficult is registered, as the height of the waves under normal conditions does not reach significant values. Thus, the fact that a good detection deep and frequent peristaltic waves reflects increased excitability of nerve devices. Of particular importance is the x-ray detection antiperistaltic movements. This circumstance is always indicative of functional disorders. In most cases, antiperistaltic found in spastic phenomena.
Promotion of the contrast medium through the small intestine also depends on its tone. In a well toned intestine occurs gradually stretching the walls with maintaining the same width clearance over a large area in accordance with the size of the diameter for a given Department. Every manifestation of disturbed tone give on the screen or x-ray picture of uneven width of the lumen of the intestine. With the increased tone of the lumen narrows. This is usually accompanied by increased peristalsis. In cases lowering tone arise uneven expansion of the lumen, with considerable stretching and prolonged stasis.